Traveling Time by Watching Time Traveling Movies

Traveling Time by Watching Time Traveling Movies

Traveling Time by Watching Time Traveling Movies – Talking about time traveling does bring up a lot of conspiracy theories, many people believe that this is really real. Entertainment in the form of films is often used as a medium for someone to escape from fatigue from routine. Not surprisingly, fantasy-themed stories are very popular. Especially stories that highlight the experience of time traveling or traveling across time.

1. The Tomorrow War (2021)

Combining fantasy and science fiction themes, The Tomorrow War (2021) tells the story of the battle against aliens who invaded Earth in the future. The incident began when the military forces from 2051 came to 2022.

The arrival of military forces is intended to recruit soldiers to the world’s inhabitants who are ready to fight aliens. The reason is, the battle in 2051 is already on the layarkaca21 verge of defeat, which means, human life in 2051 will be extinct.

2. Predestination (2014)

Who would have thought that life in the future offers a pretty cool profession, namely a government agent who is ready to travel time. The task is for an agent to cancel criminal events such as bombings.

Is a terrorist codenamed The Fizzle Bomber, who is the perpetrator of many bombings in various places. He becomes the main target of an agent so that the series of bombings can be canceled to save many human lives.

3. About Time (2013)

Do you believe? Every family always keeps their own secret which is quite surprising. As experienced by a fictional family in the area of ​​Cornwall, England, in the film titled About Time (2013).

Interestingly, the secret is inherited in the form of the ability to travel time that is passed down genetically to boys. That way, Team Lake who got this power used it for his love life.

4. Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Print and digital media can be used as a source to find information about job vacancies or the like. However, would you apply if the ad opened a vacancy to become a fellow time traveler?

A woman named Darius Britt recently worked at Seattle Magazine. There, he was assigned to investigate the ad by approaching the party who wrote the vacancy. Will he discover the amazing truth?

5. Groundhog Day (1993)

Talking about fantasy-themed films and time traveling, the characterizations should be told with the power to travel through time, right? However, Groundhog Day (1993) in fact does not highlight the ability to move time.

Even so, a broadcaster on television named Phill finds himself asleep and wakes up the same day. It happened over and over again and without end as if Phil was caught in an endless loop.…

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